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The ClearCase Effect

A while ago I had the pleasure of experiencing working with ClearCase, NOT!

I made a few notes on how it affected me and as far as I could tell, the team.

Not updating your own codebase often because

  • update is damn slow
  • risk of codebase not compiling after update as checked out/hijacked files are not updated

Lots of CruiseControl failures were due to

  • accidental checkin files before they are complete when refactoring or creating new files
  • newly created files not checked in

CruiseControl failures de-sensitised the team

  • people stop caring/responding to build failures making CI less useful
  • reduced team moral

The above issues are avoidable but:

  • it is not suppose to be this hard
  • workflow using ClearCase is not efficient and optimised for developers
  • what are the benefits with keep using ClearCase that prevented the team from moving away from it?

Also some general issues with ClearCase

  • it is not a tool that many people know and know it well to use it efficiently
  • it is not a tool to attract/retain staff
  • developers were just not happy using it